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Holistics Crash Course #1: Data Governance with Holistics

Holistics Data Access Permissions gives you simple and elegant data security over multiple levels. With extensive permissions and data access control capabilities, you can:

  • Control how and which groups get access to specific reports and data sources
  • Restrict the data displayed to the different user groups

This lets you use the exact same data reports and dashboards for your various permission groups, keeping navigation through your various reports simple while improving data security for your organization.

3 simple steps to join our webinar

  1. Register here: http://r.holistics.io/1zYAC
  2. On 21st May Monday 10AM, join our Zoom Webinar: https://zoom.us/j/207557840 (can only be accessed when the event happens)
  3. Enter your Email & Name and boom, you're in!

Session Agenda: Monday, May 21st 2018, 10AM GMT+8 (Singapore)

  • 5 mins: General update and quick sharing
  • 30 mins: Permissions syntax how-to and use-cases
  • 10 mins: Q&A + Next webinar use-case

Content outline:

  • Rows and records based views
  • Columns based views
  • If-user group / Date-limited view

Webinar examples:

  • Regional manager use-case: Segregating country managers and different department users (Rows and records based)
  • Privileged user group that sees everything, and everyone else sees just one column (Column based)


Evan Tan

Evan Tan

Growth hacker at Holistics Software, researcher of human nature. Data geek, music lover and advocate for the future of Southeast Asia.

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