SQL Is The New Excel

There was a time when being a power Excel user gave you an edge in your resume – it implied that you can perform your tasks more efficiently than your peers. Excel remains one of the most commonly used tool for analyzing data today and can be applied in various scenarios such as financial modeling, data analytics, or even invoicing. However, it is running into a… Read More

Splitting array/string into rows in Amazon Redshift or MySQL

We've worked with a lot of customers who writes SQL on a regular basis. And from time to time they come to us with SQL question - that we thought would be interesting to share with others! Today, one of our customers came to us with a question - They were having problems unnesting a string/array into rows in Amazon Redshift. Question - Splitting… Read More

Reusing Your SQLs with Query Templates

As engineers we refactor and abstract our code regularly, this is part of process to improve our code quality and scale up our codebase. In my previous job, we refactor our code religiously - "Leave the codebase a better place than you found it" so we said, that was the main reason to help us build big, complex system with just a handful of engineers!… Read More