#Case Studies

Success Stories with Holistics

How 99.co Gains Better Customer Insights With Holistics

Moving away from an in-house dashboard helps the data team at 99.co focus their time on analysis and insights, while freeing up engineering resources to deliver on their product roadmap. Business teams can now get immediate answers to questions from their data, which help them make business decisions. About 99.co, a property portal 99.co is the first property search portal in Singapore… Read More

How ShopBack Deliver Faster Better Data Reports with Holistics

ShopBack is a well-known online consumer cashbacks store in Singapore. In this case study, we explain what were the manual data extraction challenges they had, and how Holistics has helped them solved this problem and built a better data-informed culture. ShopBack, the online Cashback shopping website, is a treat for all shoppers in Southeast Asia. The 2 year-old Singapore startup strikes deals with over 1,… Read More