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Vincent Woon

SQL Is The New Excel

There was a time when being a power Excel user gave you an edge in your resume – it implied that you can perform your tasks more efficiently than your peers. Excel remains one of the most commonly used tool for analyzing data today and can be applied in various scenarios such as financial modeling, data analytics, or even invoicing. However, it is running into a… Read More

How Gains Better Customer Insights With Holistics

Moving away from an in-house dashboard helps the data team at focus their time on analysis and insights, while freeing up engineering resources to deliver on their product roadmap. Business teams can now get immediate answers to questions from their data, which help them make business decisions. About, a property portal is the first property search portal in Singapore… Read More

Setting Up Your Own MySQL Instance Using Google CloudSQL

Holistics helps you present any queries from your database as online reports and dashboards. As Holistics does not store your data, you will need to BYOD (bring your own database). However, you may not know how to get started with setting your database as a non-technical user. In this guide, we will show you how to set up your very own basic mySQL instance database… Read More

Tableau vs Holistics

Holistics gives you more flexibility and control over Tableau for data extraction and preparation. 1. Ask Better Questions Tableau is good for reporting organized data (where you already have the data in your columns), but it falls short for business and operational reporting where you need more specific reports across different tables. While not impossible, it is challenging to write reports such as the following… Read More